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About Detours – The 2 Types of Detours in Life

Follow Your Detour is all about inspiring people to change the way they perceive and experience life’s setbacks or challenges. We talk a lot about detours on this site because we believe that detours are essential and critical for personal growth and satisfaction. Since we use the term “detour” metaphorically, this page is dedicated to explaining what we often consider a life detour.

What is a Detour?

The basic definition of a detour is a deviation from a direct course or normal procedure. Detours are the alternate routes that are taken due to certain circumstances – a road closure, for example. Life detours are similar in that life is commonly referred to as a journey, and in life, there are going to be circumstances that require you to change your plans or direction. We often call these circumstances “roadblocks”, and they come in many forms. Our idea of a life detour is the process of adjusting your route to overcome the roadblocks.

There are two different types of life detours: unexpected and intentional.

1.) Unexpected Detours

Plain and simple, if you are a human, you are going to experience unexpected detours. Unexpected detours are the result of roadblocks that are sudden, undesirable, and just down right suck. Unfortunately, life is full of these kinds of roadblocks. Nobody expects to get cancer, suffer the loss of a loved one, or be injured in an accident. Nobody wants anything bad to happen to them, but unfortunately, pain and suffering is part of the human experience. You can’t control what happens to you or your loved ones, but you can control how you experience these unexpected detours you’re forced to take in life. Depending on how you face unexpected detours, you can actually experience tremendous personal growth and increased satisfaction as a result of it.

2.) Intentional Detours

Intentional detours happen when you make the conscious decision to alter the path you’re life is on. Intentional detours also follow roadblocks, but often the roadblocks are more subtle and can be harder to identify. These roadblocks can often be self-imposed, but they normally cause a person to feel worried, anxious, and/or stressed. Almost anything in life can be a roadblock that is holding you back- relationships, jobs, unhealthy habits, fears, self-esteem, etc. In some ways, following an intentional detour is simply the commitment to make a change to improve some aspect of your life. Intentional detours typically require courage, persistence, and determination, but typically are guaranteed to yield some sort of personal growth, even if you fail.

At Follow Your Detour, we believe that following your own detours is the way to enjoy life to the fullest. The decision to follow our detour is the reason that we have made traveling an important part of our lives. But it’s also given us a beautiful, new perspective on life, which is the reason we started this site. Much of the site is dedicated to inspiring and encouraging people to be confident to follow their own detours. Intentional detours are often the hardest for people to do and experience because they usually require change and change can be terrifying. They feel it in their hearts, but they are too afraid to try. Our goal is to help people discover life’s incredible detours, turn them into their own unique paths, and enjoy the scenery you could’ve missed otherwise.