About the Authors

Lindsay and Dan McKenzie

We are Lindsay and Dan McKenzie, and we have been exploring the world and finding adventure together for nearly 10 years! We married in June of 2010 on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We have been blessed with the opportunity to follow our detours, which have allowed us to meet some incredible people and see some of the world’s most treasured places.

We love to travel and recently moved to Raleigh, NC after living in Colorado for most of our lives. This move was a big part of us following our detours and being inspired to help others discover and follow their own detours.

Lindsay has been a Kindergarten teacher the past 6 years and Dan currently works as a Solutions Consultant for a software company. Some of our favorite activities include riding bikes (especially to local breweries), camping, and fishing.

Our Story

We met in college at Colorado State University and married shortly after we graduated. Before Dan proposed, he gave an “ultimatum” and made Lindsay promise that she would be open to traveling and possibly even moving away from their hometown if the opportunity ever presented itself. Dan had studied abroad in Spain during his junior year of college and backpacked through South America right after graduating. Lindsay, at the time, hadn’t done as much traveling and never saw a reason to be too far away from her family. But she promised and had no clue what adventures would lie ahead. Everyone thought we were crazy to get married so young and even crazier when we decided to buy one-way tickets to Costa Rica 5 months later. We lived there for 4 months and couldn’t have imagined a better way to begin our life together. Since then, we’ve been experiencing what many people call “the travel bug” and have done as much traveling as possible. We are often asked by our friends and family, “How do you travel so much?”, and “We’re taking a trip, where should we go and what should we do?”, which is what originally inspired us to start this website. However, we never truly believed we could inspire and help others. But we began helping more and more people enjoy unforgettable travel experiences similar to ours through our advice and itinerary suggestions. Then recently, life took many unexpected turns and we found ourselves on paths many people our age never have to face. However, our strong marriage and deep faith allowed us to see life’s challenges and setbacks simply as a “detour” to the same beautiful destination that everyone else is searching for. This “detour” is slowly becoming our greatest blessing and we’ve truly found that the alternate route is much more scenic and much less crowded. Now, we are inspired to help others find their “detour”, whether it be through traveling, or different passions.