About the Site

About Follow Your Detour

This site is ultimately for anyone who desires to get the most out of life, regardless of what obstacles you may feel are holding you back. Everyone will face a “detour” and we want to encourage you to embrace it and let it lead you to incredible places. We are specifically passionate about providing inspiration and practical strategies on how to make traveling the world, or whatever you are interested in, a reality. Although Follow Your Detour is not exclusively a travel guide website, we do want to provide information about the destinations that we’ve been, how we have managed to get there, suggested itineraries, and other important travel tips.

What makes this site unique?

Unlike may authors from other travel blogs, we are not nomadic travelers and we don’t think of Follow Your Detour exclusively as a travel site. We love traveling, but we only get to do so a couple of times a year so we do a lot of planning before we embark on an adventure.  The recommendations that we write come from things that we have actually done; they come from our itineraries.  We aren’t saying that our recommendations are always the best, but they are things that we did ourselves and enjoyed. We hope that you find the information that we have shared here useful and you all follow your detours to amazing journeys!