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laptop computer on dinette in an RV

Setting Up a Workspace in Your RV

*Disclaimer: This post is part of a content series sponsored by Camping World. All opinions are our own. By now you’ve heard or read about the massive shifts happening in the world of work. More and more jobs (and entire companies) are going completely virtual or remote – meaning that there is no need for […]

How to Make Money on the Road

  This is a guest post by Daniel Msanii, the avid hiker and camper behind Camping Maniacs is a platform where Daniel shares his outdoor experience, gives advice on the same and ultimately helps the enthusiastic camping and hiking community.   As far back as the year 2011, a study carried out by the University […]

How Blogging Has Changed My Life (and could change yours too!)

Okay, I know this title is a bit dramatic sounding. But truthfully, blogging was the bridge between closing the door on one chapter of my life to a new beginning and achieving a new dream. If you’re considering starting a blog or are currently building and growing a blog, I believe it could possibly change […]

grand canyon

How We Afford to Travel Full Time

Even before we started full-time RVing, we have always loved to travel. Whether it’s living in Costa Rica, going on weekend getaways, or taking yearly international “bucket list” trips, we travel as often as we can. It became clear that many people assume we’re independently wealthy, or that we’re racking up credit card debt. But, […]