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Our Adoption Journey

Thank you for your interest in supporting us during our adoption process!

This page is dedicated to sharing our adoption journey, start to finish and providing you with all of the updates and information along the way. Check back frequently as this is going to be a beautifully wild ride.

The Journey to Adoption: Our Greatest Detour Begins!

To be honest, we never thought we’d be here. We never imaged adoption as the way we’d grow our family. In fact, we find ourselves envying the couples who say they’ve always dreamt of adopting and knew in their hearts that it was their calling.

That’s not us…. Continue Reading

We’re so excited to be following our latest detour. But just like before with RVing, we can’t do it on our own. Adoption is often a long and emotional journey and your encouragement and support means the world to us.

If you are wondering how you can get invloved and help us along this journey, good news – there are lots of ways!

1. Encourage Us

Over the years, probably the best part of running this website is the encouraging messages, comments and emails we’ve received. From people sharing wisdom and strength from their personal journies to simply reminding us that we are not alone, the support that we continually get has been incredible.

Now that our adoption journey has started, your words of encouragement are so needed. We’d love to connect with you and learn the ways adoption has touched your life. You can easily reach us on Facebook, Instagram, or by contacting us through the site.

2. Help Spread the Word

When it comes to adoption, birth families get to choose who they want to adopt their baby. Most commonly, this occurs through birth parents working with an adoption agency which presents profiles of prospective adopting families in the waiting pool. This process is called matching and is why it can often take years for people to successfully adopt – many times there are many more waiting families than there are birth mothers.

With the power of the internet, however, it is possible for people like us to be matched with birth parents through social media. With just a few shares, someone’s story can literally be spread across the world. This opens up the opportunity of being matched outside of the agency process, which greatly expands the possibilities.

You can help us tremendously by sharing our story, sharing this page or any of our posts, by telling your friends and neighbors, telling your coworkers or even random people on the street! We’d be honored if you’d help spread the word about our adoption journey – the more people that know about it, the greater chance we’ll have of being connected to our future baby.

3. Support Us Financially

Another very important way that you can help us with our adoption journey is to support us financially. Most people that we talk to are simply not aware how expensive it is to adopt in the United States; we know we weren’t. The average adoption typically costs between $35,000 to $50,000. Therefore, over the coming months, we will be saving and raising money with a variety of fundraisers, appying for grants and  scholorships, and accepting adoption fund donations. Our goal is to raise/save $50,000 since that seems to be the absolute safest amount to ensure you can successfully adopt. We’ve got a long way to go, but are so incredibly grateful for all of the support.

How You Can Support Our Adoption Financially

1. Donate to our Adoption Fund

We’ve created an adoption fund on, the most trusted non-profit, crowdfunding platform for those seeking to adopt. Crowdfunding is one of the best ways to raise money for great causes, and we hope that you believe that our journey and desire to become parents is a great cause. Click here to donate to our fund.

2. Purchase Follow Your Detour, The Book

Lindsay wrote and self-published Follow Your Detour earlier this year. The book is a gripping account of our infertiltity story and the origins of Follow Your Detour. In addition to sharing her personal account, Lindsay also provides practical and relavant advice and strategies that allow the readers to learn and implement some of the books biggest lessons. You can find the book on Amazon (ebook and paperback) or you can click here to get a signed copy!

3. Buy on Amazon Using our Affiliate Link

Affiliate marketing is a way that content creators and website owners can earn a small commision on peoples’ purchases and referrals. If someone arrives at a website like Amazon and makes a purchase because your website sent them there, you’d qualify for the commision. We have lots of different affiliate partnership which helps us to deliver so much free content on this site.

One of our partnerships is with Amazon. This is the easiest way to support us, simply click on our Amazon link and then do your shopping as normal – when you purchase something, we earn a small commission at no cost to you! If you love RVing and are looking for our recommendations, check out our Amazon Store

Adoption Update 1/12/21 – The Countdown is On!

It feels so surreal to even type this but we are DAYS away from meeting our hopeful son. We are officially in waiting-for-baby mode! After a few minor scares that his mom could go into labor early, we made the decision to travel this past weekend, a couple weeks earlier than expected. We’re now settled […]

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Adoption announcement photo

Adoption Update 10/6/20 – We Believe We’ve Found Our Son!

If you’ve been following our adoption journey, you know that we recently had a “failed match“. In May we matched with a mother and were building a solid relationship with her. We went out to meet her after about a month of talking and getting to know each other. We even had the opportunity to […]

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Adoption Update 8/6/20 – The Adventure Continues (the update we’d hoped we’d never have to give)

To be honest, we’ve been putting this update off because it’s not an easy one. So, we’ll keep this one short and sweet. You can watch the Facebook live video we did and/or read below.   Failed Match The headline says it all…we are no longer considering ourselves matched. Almost exactly three months ago, we […]

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Adoption match announcement photo of a couple holding their cell phones side by side to show them holding up two halves of a heart saying matched

Adoption Update 5/29 – WE MATCHED!!!

This has been the update we’ve been waiting to give since we started the adoption process! It feels surreal to even type it.  We are officially matched with an expectant mother!! We’ve been building a relationship with her over the past three weeks and have starting taking the steps to make an adoption plan.  But […]

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Couple on a roller coaster about to take off

Adoption Update 3/31/20 – An Emotional Roller Coaster

Where, oh where do we begin? It’s been a month since we got home study approved and it’s been a month filled with highs and lows, hence the name of this update.  The Lows I hate to really call them lows. They’ve actually been “lessons learned” for us. We knew this process wouldn’t be a […]

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Hopeful adoptive Couple with graphic that says home study approved

Adoption Update 2/25/20 – Home study approved…and now, we wait!

This is the update we’ve been waiting over 3 months to give! WE ARE OFFICIALLY HOME STUDY APPROVED!!! While we’ve already been presented with a few adoption situations through our consultant for about a month, we’ve been waiting for the finalization of our home study. There was some complications that delayed it a bit so […]

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