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Have It All: The Power of an “and” Mindset!

Could switching one word for another completely change your life? Could it really be that simple? When it comes to your mindset and the way that you view the world, I believe that choosing and over or can have profound impacts and drastically change how you experience your life. A world of or We live […]

These Strategies will Help You Actually Achieve Your Goals

Goals, resolutions, dreams – whatever you want to call them, are critical for personal development and success. They are the first step to Following Your Detour! They allow us to identify something our hearts desire and start planning how we are going to attain that desire. It’s an act of believing that you CAN do […]

Alchemist quotes about courage

3 Quotes About Courage to Help You Go After Your Dreams

Do you know the most important thing needed to achieve your dreams and live your best life? It’s not money. It’s not a great idea or a killer business. It’s not finding your soul mate. It’s not even beauty or good looks, nor is it confidence or charisma. It’s COURAGE. Turns out, I’ve been wrong about […]

Do These 10 Simple Things to Make Every Day a Good Day

Since we took our life on the road, I’ve constantly struggled with the daily battle of having a flexible schedule vs. a productive work day. While I love the freedom that this lifestyle offers, it can be hard to find a routine that allows you to accomplish your to-do list. I’ve tried tomato timers, hour-by-hour […]