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Start Funding Your Dreams

We paid off $100,000 in debt + saved $25,000 + travel full-time using this SIMPLE budgeting method

...and so can YOU!

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Are you wanting to travel more or dreaming of changing your lifestyle, but aren’t sure if you can afford it? Do you feel that your debt is holding you back from taking risks? Are you wanting to take control of your finances but aren’t sure where to start?

Learn the money management strategies that helped us:

✓ Get out of $100,000 of consumer and student loan debt

✓ Save up a comfortable emergency fund of $25,000

✓ Gain the peace of mind to chase our dream of full-time traveling and location independence

Finance Your Detour is a 4 step program that will teach you the foundations of personal finance, guide you through a proven budgeting process, and provide you the tools to succeed. This program will get you on the right path to start funding your dreams. You’ll no longer wonder where your money is going each month.

It’s not always about making more money,

it’s about doing more with the money you make.

Finance Your Detour is your guide to getting out of debt, funding your dreams, and building financial freedom.

Start taking control of your money and planning your dreams TODAY with our video lessons, activities and custom developed budgeting tool*

*The Budgeting Tool is a Microsoft Excel File. Microsoft Excel is required for use.

How is this program different from other budgeting tools out there?

Focused on the Process

Achieving your dream lifestyle starts with a proven budgeting process. Learn how to budget first, then start seeing the results!

It’s simple and easy to use

The more features and capability that a tool has, the more complicated it is to use. We don’t need our budgeting tool to do everything, we need it to help us do one thing easily so we can be successful and stick to our plan.

Not Connected to your Bank Account

Some tools make you connect your persoanl account information which presents a security risk. Additionally, connecting your bank accounts can make things too easy. We believe in the process and know that “set it and forget it” doesn’t work when it comes to budgeting.

Editable to meet your needs

Do you like to categorize things a certain way? You can easily do that with our Budgeting Tool. You’re not forced to use terminology that doesn’t make sense in your life.

Here’s What You’ll Get

A 4-step program full of the exact financial strategies we used to eliminate $100,000 in debt and save up a $25,000 emergency fund. This ultimately allowed us the financial freedom for Lindsay to quit her job so we could travel full time.

Video lessons for each step with a variety of digital worksheets to help you apply the concepts covered in the lessons.

The budgeting tool we created and use monthly to help make debt pay off and savings a priority. Plus video tutorials to show you how to successfully use it.


Tips for being successful with the budgeting tool to ensure you stick to it and reach your goals.

Program Contents

Part 1: Money Matters

Come to terms with the importance money plays in our life. Discuss the cost of debt and why you should start saving now.

Part 2: Getting Started

Start taking steps to building the foundation for financial success. Discover the roadmap to financial freedom and peace of mind. Identify your fixed expenses, understand the importance of saving immediately and the costliness of debt. You’ll create goals and action steps for taking control of your finances.

Part 3: The Budgeting Tool

Introduction to the budgeting tool along with tutorials for how it works. You’ll understand what makes our budgeting tool and approach different and more effective than others.

Part 4: Fund Your Dreams

Putting it all together and understanding that the process is the most important part of a budget. We will teach you how to conduct budget meetings and tips for ensuring they are effective, including an outline and order of how they should run. You’ll be all set to start funding your dreams!

Dan and Lindsay McKenzie

Creators, Adventurers, & Founders of Follow Your Detour

Meet The Creators of Finance Your Detour


Hi, we’re Dan and Lindsay McKenzie. A young couple in our 30’s who travel the U.S. full-time in our RV. In 2016, we decided to take a detour and change the path that we were on in order to lead a more fulfilling life. We share our journey on our blog, Follow Your Detour in hopes of inspiring others to take risks and pursue a life they love.

We created this finance program because we’re passionate about the budgeting process, tool, and strategies that changed our lives. We know that money can often be a barrier in achieving your dreams. That’s why we want to help other’s take control of their finances so they can experience the freedom we have. Read more the story of Finance Your Detour here.

Are you ready to remove money as a barrier to your following your dreams and detours?

Enroll today, take control of your personal finances and get on the path to freedom!