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Common Misconceptions About Adopting

When we first started our adoption journey, we didn’t have any prior knowledge of the process. In fact, we hardly had any exposure to adoption besides what you see in movies or television or the random stories you hear about so-and-so’s adopted child.  As we went about our adoption journey, we became more and more […]

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Positive Adoption Language: Say This NOT That

We all know that words are extremely powerful. Adoption is a beautiful thing in many ways, but it also is a result of loss and grief. So using positive adoption language and being sensitive to all members of the adoption triad (adoptee, adoptive parents, and birth parents) is extremely important.  We don’t share this post […]

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Tips for Choosing an Adoption Agency

It might sound silly, but choosing an adoption agency was one of the hardest steps in the adoption process for us. Mainly because we had no clue going into the process that our options were practically limitless.  When we first starting exploring adoption, we literally did a Google search for adoption agencies in our city. […]

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I’m Ready to Adopt. . .Where Do I Start?

When we made the decision to grow our family through adoption, we were absolutely clueless on where to begin. I literally Googled “adoption” and just began scouring the internet, which was a bit overwhelming.  Now, I see so many others going through the same exact emotion. Whether it’s in an adoption Facebook group I’m a […]

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Faux Leather Earrings Adoption Fundraiser!

Thank you so much for your support, but this fundraiser is no longer active. Please subscribe to our newsletter if you’d like to stay up to date on our adoption journey. Give a gift that keeps on giving! Looking for a special, affordable gift for family, friends, coworkers, teachers, neighbors, etc?  Or, looking for earrings […]

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The Journey to Adoption: Our Greatest Detour Begins!

To be honest, we never thought we’d be here. We never imaged adoption as the way we’d grow our family. In fact, we find ourselves envying the couples who say they’ve always dreamt of adopting and knew in their hearts that it was their calling.

That’s not us.

We feel compelled to begin sharing our story with full transparency because it really helps in telling the incredible journey we’ve been on that has led us here today. And we’re really proud of where are.
We’ve found confidence in our story and don’t want to pretend to be anything we’re not or feel or write/say anything just because we think we “should”. We (okay, Lindsay still struggles) are becoming more comfortable with imperfection. Life is messy. Nothing is perfect.

More than anything, we have a deeper faith than ever and fully believe that everything works out just the way it’s supposed to in God’s perfect timing and according to His perfect pan. We love opportunities in life that push us out of our comfort zone because they typically lead to the most beautiful rewards and incredible growth either way.

So being here today…ready and eager to accept a child into our life in a way that we’d never imagined feels so, so right.

But again, it hasn’t always been that way…