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Adoption Update 5/29 – WE MATCHED!!!

Adoption match announcement photo of a couple holding their cell phones side by side to show them holding up two halves of a heart saying matched

This has been the update we’ve been waiting to give since we started the adoption process! It feels surreal to even type it. 

We are officially matched with an expectant mother!!

We’ve been building a relationship with her over the past three weeks and have starting taking the steps to make an adoption plan. 

But what we love even more about the fact that we matched is that we truly feel God picked out the perfect birth mom for us. She is beyond what we could have asked for and we are so so grateful to have connected with her. 

So lets back up a bit…

We actually had an update typed up and ready to publish and send out about how we started doing our own adoption outreach. We started a Facebook page specific to our adoption journey and were just about to ask everyone we knew to help us spread the word by sharing our page and posts. While many of you saw the page on your own and immediately liked it and shared it (THANK YOU!), we ended up putting that last update on pause. After only a week of having the Facebook page up, we received a message from a woman looking for a family for her baby.

Domestic infant adoption outreach Facebook page
It’s not too late to check out our page and hit the like button! Click here!

She actually found us in a Facebook group designed to help expectant mothers find adoptive families. But she commented on how well put together our Facebook page was and how much she learned about us through it. The funny this is, I had debated making this Facebook page for months and finally just did it on a whim one day. I also happened to share it in the Facebook group the very same day that this woman joined the group.

Talk about God’s perfect timing!

It’s also such a blessing that the power of technology and social media has allowed this all to happen. Which is why we made the fun cell phone photo above to capture how amazing this situation really has been. Not only did Facebook bring us together, but we were able to video chat through Facebook to deepen the connection and ensure we were a good match for each other. It’s such a cool story!

So if you’ve wondered why you haven’t seen an update from us in awhile and why our Facebook page suddenly went from posting every day to quiet the past few weeks, now you know it’s for good reason.

How we connected:

We received her very first message on May 5th so we’ve spent the last three weeks getting to know her through phone conversations, and almost daily text messages. It’s crazy how quickly we connected with her and in so many ways, she already feels like family. We never could have imagined this type of relationship and how special it would be. 

We have contacted an attorney in her state and have already started taking some of the necessary steps to begin creating an adoption plan. We’re working to get everything set up to ensure she has all the support she needs. She is one of the bravest, most selfless women we’ve ever met and we want to do everything we can to be there for her.

While this is one of the happiest seasons of our lives, this is one of the most challenging for her. For us to find our baby, she has to experience an incredibly painful loss. So right now, our focus is entirely on her and how we can nurture our relationship and be sensitive to her needs. 

This is HER baby. Therefore, we’re choosing to hold off on sharing too many details about the baby at this time. We’re also respecting the confidentiality of this mama and won’t be sharing any details regarding her personal life or location. Thanks for your understanding. 

We will share, however, that next week…

We’re flying out to meet her!!

Couple holding map that says "we're on an adventure to find our baby" for domestic infant adoption announcement

Again, it feels so crazy to be typing all of this. But in three days we’re headed out to go meet her and spend a couple days with her. In fact, we timed it so that we can go to her next ultrasound appointment. 

Since we started this process, we’d always hoped that maybe we could get an ultrasound photo, but actually being at the appointment in person is even more of an answered prayer. We are just overwhelmed by the blessings! 

We still need your prayers!

As we said, we’re focused on this expectant mother at this point. We still have several months to go in her pregnancy and building a relationship is the most important thing right now. We hope you’ll pray over our trip next week and that God will guide this relationship. We’re sure there will be some challenges that come up, as no adoption situation is perfect. There’s lots of emotions involved. Prayers for the three of us as we navigate this unknown waters would mean so much to to us all. 

We’ll share another update when we return from the trip! Thanks so much for being on this journey with us. We’re getting closer and your prayers have clearly helped SO much. 

Lots of love, 

Dan + Lindsay

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Judy Lees
Judy Lees
4 years ago

Just ran into your post after a Pinterest hunt on camping! I am praying for you and your husband and the birth mother as you start this journey. We have 2 adopted children, now they are 34 and 30, but your story brought back such a flood of memories and emotions! It sounds like you have a good foundation in faith. Keep your focus on the Lord, He has the plan! I will be following your adventure now and hope sometime We can share our stories.

Daniel McKenzie
Daniel McKenzie
4 years ago
Reply to  Judy Lees

Thank you so much for your comment and prayers! So fun hearing other successful adoption stories. While the journey has been filled with highs and lows, we know it is the Lord’s plan and we are so confident and excited for what the future holds.

Heidi Bodette
Heidi Bodette
4 years ago

This is amazing news Dan and Lindsay! Actually, it is the best news ever because you could see God’s hand on how it all came together💕 We will continue to pray for the baby, both of you and the birth mother to continue to move forward in the most loving way possible and that you will continue to see God’s hand in the finalization of the adoption! 🙏🏻 We are just so excited for you! I’m literally jumping for joy when I read this blogpost!❤️

Daniel McKenzie
Daniel McKenzie
4 years ago
Reply to  Heidi Bodette

Thank you so much Heidi! We can’t tell you how much your support means to us! Hope you are doing well and stay safe out there!