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Easy, No Sew DIY Throw Pillow Covers


Throw pillows can be expensive. When you’re decorating an RV or camper on a budget, every little penny saving tip helps. If you have old throw pillows lying around (especially the ones that come with the floral patterned couches that come standard in your RV), here’s a quick and easy way to give them new life! Best of all is that it is a no-sew tutorial, so put your needle and thread away!

You will need:

Here are the steps for covering one pillow:

DIY No sew throw pillow recover

1. Cut two pieces of fabric in the shape and size you will need. It doesn’t have it be an exact measurement yet, but better to have more than you need than not enough. Stack the two pieces of fabric with insides of each piece facing out.

2. Choose perpendicular sides and adhere the two pieces of those sides together with the hem tape and an iron so that you’ve created a corner.

3. Now, place the pillow inside the corner so you can get a better idea of how much excess fabric to cut off. To do this, pin one of the open sides shut as close to the pillow as you can.

4. Pull the pillow out and cut off the excess fabric leaving 5/8 inch past the pins to allow space for the hem tape. Replace the pins with the hem tape and iron to adhere.

5. Once you have 3 sides adhered with the hem tape, reach in and turn the pillow cover right-side-out. Then, place the pillow inside its cover.

6. If you have excess fabric hanging over the final side of the pillow cover, you can cut it, but remember to leave at least 5/8 inch for the hem tape.

7. Fold the excess fabric inside the cover and pin both the hem tape and two folds together.

8. Once the final side is pinned with hem tape inside, you can iron to adhere. I first ironed in between pins before pulling pins out to keep the tape and 2 sides together nicely.

Throw pillows make any space more inviting and cozy! We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you are able to transform your throw pillows from trash to treasure.
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