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Our Full-Time RV Necessities

Below are the items we have purchased, use, love, and recommend for anyone considering RV life!

Affiliate Disclosure: If you purchase any of these products through these links, we may earn a small commission at no cost to you!

We started out in a fifth wheel and then moved to a class C motorhome. When we made the switch, we decided that we wanted a toad so that we could more easily explore and get around. If you have a motorhome and want to tow a vehicle, you are going to need the equipment to make it possible. We purchased this tow bar from Blue Ox and have been very happy with it! It is easy to connect to and disconnect from the vehicle and automatically locks in place when towing!

This braking system was highly recommended for our Jeep Wrangler. We like it because once you get it installed, you never have to do anything else to get ready for towing. You simply connect your tow vehicle, turn on the Stay-N-Play system and start driving. That’s it! No time wasted trying to get a big proportional braking system in place, no pumping or priming the brakes, just flip it on and go. The installation can be a little overwhelming, but Dan did ours (with a little help from his dad) and it wasn’t too terrible. It does take some time and patience, but once installed, it is very convenient!

If you enjoy boondocking or simply don’t want the sound of a generator ruining a perfect moment, consider investing in solar. Solar technology continues to improve and the price of solar continues to drop. Our Navion came with 200 watts of solar already installed, but we wanted to add more. We purchased two of these panels and have been really happy. They are super light weight and were a breeze to install.

This cover keeps our tow bar protected and out of the elements when we are detached. It fits perfectly and should help keep our tow bar in great shape for years to come.

We used this hitch to tow our fifth wheel and it always did a great job for us! Never had any problems or concerns and it was nice to be able to slide the hitch and more mobility when we were in tight spaces. This hitch is rated at 16.5K pounds so make sure whichever hitch you purchase will accommodate your rig!  There are lots of options for hitches out there, many which have more features than this one, but it was the right price for us and did the job!

Choosing the right generator to meet your needs can be a dizzying experience. How much power do I need? How loud and obnoxious am I willing to tolerate? How much am I willing to spend?

These were all questions that we wrestled with… and let me just say, it took 3 times to get the answer right! We purchased 2 different generators before finding this one. This unit produces enough power to run our 15K BTU A/C and is quite enough not to disturb all of our neighbors. Since it’s an inverter generator, we could connect (parallel) two units together should we need more power, which is a nice feature. Most importantly to us, this unit is compact and portable which makes it a great choice. So far, we are very happy with it. Not to mention, Champion blew us away with their customer support so we feel good about the manufacturer.

Unique Camping + Marine has safe, natural, and effective holding tank solutions for your RV and/or boat. Their products are powered by the strongest and most advanced bacteria and enzyme formulas available. We’ve been using their RV Digest-It holding tank treatment and cleaner/enhancer products since day 1 with our brand new RV and we’ve quickly become fans because of how well they work AND how affordable they are. We used to think black tank clogs and smells were just a part of #RVlife, but it turns out we were using the wrong products.

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Maintaining the right tire pressure is absolutely critical to safe RV operation. We choose this small but capable tire inflator because it can be operated on 12v or 120v which is very convenient. Another reason we bought this product was because you can set the desired tire pressure and the pump will automatically inflate to that tire pressure.

If you have an RV, you need a sewer hose. We chose this kit because it has two separate 10′ hoses. This is nice because most of the time, 10′ will be plenty of hose, but sometime you just need a little bit more and this kit gives you that. Additionally, this hose is a tough hose that will resit breaks and has a clear connection piece so you can see when the tanks are finished draining.

You can’t hit the road without leveling blocks. These are very easy to use and help you get your rig nice and level.

Another RV must have – wheel chocks! Get these here and don’t overpay at the RV dealership!

Water hoses are not something that you think about very often, but when you are full time RVing, these become extremely important. This hose has held up very well for us and the water that doesn’t taste like a garden hose when it comes through it!

We love this multimeter. It has come in handy several times already and appears to be a quality product. This really is a must have tool if you are living in an RV.

Self leveling sealant is a great choice for RV roofs! We used it to create a water tight seal when we replaced the refrigerator rooftop vent. Easy to use and does the job!

Keep your slide like new with this slide conditioner. Apply this conditioner to the seals to prevent drying / cracking associated with age.

We use this product to keep the moving parts of our slide lubricated and in working order. Before using, our slide made lots of noise while sliding in and out. We applied some of this lubricator and it made it smoother and quieter.

Permatex Clear RTV Silicone Adhesive Sealant is a general-purpose, black RTV indoor/outdoor sealant that bonds, seals, repairs, mends and secures glass, metal, plastics, fabric, vinyl, weather-stripping and vinyl tops. It protects and repairs electrical wiring and may be applied to horizontal or vertical surfaces. This product is super handy to have on hand for the various RV repairs that are sure to surface.

We used this sealant to caulk the seems of the RV. You should caulk the seems of your RV at least every year. This product got great reviews on Amazon and we were happy with it. We keep one tube of this on hand at all times.