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Best Place to Watch the Sunset in Quepos

Want to know the best place to watch the sunset in Quepos?

Look no further than Parque Nahomi!

This small park on Quepos’s southern edge offers visitors incredible views of the sea and provides a tranquil environment to enjoy the sunset. We stumbled across this park by accident when we’re living in Quepos, but now, we always make it a priority to visit this place whenever we visit Costa Rica. Start down by the marina and keep walking until you reach the park. It always felt like the park was our little secret since there was hardly ever anyone there. It’s a great place to relax, have a picnic and soak in the epic Pacific Ocean sunsets.

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Dan is a near Colorado native that loves to experience new places, cultures, and adventures. He considers himself a pretty laid back kind of guy and loves to enjoy a refreshing beverage on a patio.

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