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Our 6 Favorite Restaurants in Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is full of great places to enjoy a meal so you probably can’t go wrong, but here is our short list of our 6 favorite resturants!

1. The Falls Garden Cafe

Don’t let the outside of the Falls Hotel discourage you from experiencing a meal at the Falls Garden Cafe and Restaurant. The restaurant is nestled in the hotel’s meticulously manicured garden and offers guest a comfortable environment. The food and service are excellent, and the prices are very reasonable. Two of our favorite dishes are the Pollo Balsamico and the Atun Pina, but everything on the menu is delicious.

Location: Directly across the street from El Avion (the airplane restaurant).

2. Cafe Milagro

Cafe Milagro is a popular restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We have only eaten there for breakfast, but we always enjoyed the experience. The coffee is great (they ship!) and I really enjoyed the Rain Forest Crepes. There are two locations, one in Quepos and one in Manuel Antonio. We suggest venturing to the Quepos location in the morning for breakfast to get away from some of the tourist crowds.

Location: Quepos – on the main road that enters the city, not too far after crossing the bridge. Manuel Antonio – located where the main road intersects with the road that goes to Playa Biesanz or Hotel Parador.

*Update: Unfortunately the location in Quepos has been closed.  Still try the one in Manuel Antonio though 🙂

3. Salsipuedes

Salsipuedes is a fun and festive tapas restaurant. This restaurant is often crowded as it is a great place to watch the sunset as well as hear live music.

Location: Along the main road in MA next to Barba Roja and across the street from Economy Rent a Car.

4. Barba Roja

Similar to Salsipuedes, Barba Roja is a very popular restaurant in Manuel Antonio. They have a diverse menu that features sushi, fresh seafood, and burgers. The giant deck is a great place to enjoy a beverage.

Location: On the main road next to Salsipuedes, across the street from Economy Rental Car.

5. Agua Azul

Agua Azul is our favorite place to have lunch in all of Manuel Antonio. The view from Agua Azul is breathtaking and the food is very good. The dinner menu is fairly expensive, but we find their lunch menu to be reasonable. And did I mention the view!? If you get tired of eating casados, try the BBQ chicken sandwich; it is excellent!

Location: On the main road in Manuel Antonio, close to Hotel Los Altos.

6. Raphael’s las Terrazas

Our second favorite place to eat lunch, Raphael’s offers guest good food and a wonderful view of the ocean. It is closer to the water so the view is different than that of Agua Azul, but it is extremely impressive as well. Go enjoy a batido (shake) and watch the sun set on another beautiful day Costa Rican day!

Location: On the main road in Manuel Antonio as you near the beach. Just after Hotel Costa Verde.

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