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If You Dislike These 5 Things…Don’t Buy an RV

This post is part of a partnership with Kampgounds of America (KOA) to help spread the word about their Behind The Yellow Sign RV Giveaway going on now through May 31, 2018! We received a complimentary 2-night stay at the KOA in Moab, Utah, however all opinions shared in this post are our own. In fact, we love KOA campgrounds so much, we booked a stay at the one in Cotopaxi, Colorado prior to this partnership!

To say that purchasing an RV changed our lives sounds really dramatic, but it did. Owning, living, and traveling full-time in our RV has opened up a whole new world for us. Our quality of life has improved in a variety of ways and we truly believe it’s because of our RV. Whether you’re considering buying an RV for living in or just taking occasional trips in, here’s some benefits you can expect.

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5 Benefits an RV Can Offer:

If you don’t want to enrich your relationships, build memories, and have unforgettable experiences, you can stop reading NOW! Furthermore, if you don’t like any of the following things then RVing just isn’t for you.

1. Quality time with friends and family

I grew up camping with my family, Dan did not. He wishes he had similar memories that my siblings, cousins, and I share. We still, to this day, plan huge camping trips with my entire extended family. It’s a tradition and our favorite way to spend quality time together. It’s affordable, easy to organize for large groups, and something we can do more often together than a traditional vacation.

RVs were designed with families in mind. They simplify travel and make creating memories together more accessible. You can fit multiple people inside and have all the amenities you need to make everyone a happy camper.

You can even bring along your four legged family members, which was one of the main reasons we decided to do more RV traveling. We hated leaving behind our furbabies and love that they can adventure with us now! Both KOA campgrounds we stayed at this month even had dog parks! This was great, especially in Moab where the dogs aren’t allowed on the trails in the National Parks. We were able to still get our dogs exercise so we could go out and adventure!

We love our family and friends camping trips and having our loved ones be our guests in our RV. There’s nothing better than being active outdoors all day, grilling our meals, and huddling up together around the campfire at night to share stories and eat s’mores. There’s no hassle of finding accommodations, restaurants, transportation, etc. We can all park our RVs or pitch our tents right by each other, play games, and enjoy each other’s company all day without worrying about an itinerary. Many KOA campgrounds even have additional amenities on-site like pools, mini golf courses, arcades, and other family friendly events and activities!

family camping and eating breakfast at campsite
This was our most recent family camping trip to celebrate my Dad’s birthday! We stayed at the KOA in Cotopaxi, Colorado and were right on the river. My dad is learning to fly-fish so this location was perfect for his birthday celebration. Plus, the campground had TONS of fun activities for my sister’s kids – pottery painting, an awesome playground, mini golf, and even a hay ride!

2. Exploring scenic locations

Camping and RVing is centered around some of the most beautiful spots in our country (and even others). Our National Parks are truly remarkable and couldn’t be better suited for RV road trips. You get to park your RV right in the middle of the beauty and have views and nature right outside your front door. RVs open up so many different possible places to explore, whereas hotels or rental properties are usually only found in well developed areas. You can get your RV as close to the scenery as you wish!

We have gotten to check off so many of our bucket list items with our RV. We even get to experience places we would have never otherwise heard of because it was a detour or quick stop along our route. Some of the most memorable places we’ve been in our RV are spots we happened to pass through unexpectedly. The scenery you get to experience just as you’re driving along, make the travel days actually enjoyable.

RV driving through Big Bend National Park in Texas

With over 500 campgrounds nationwide, you can always find a KOA in the best locations across the country. Moab is one of America’s top camping destinations and the KOA was the perfect home base for us to explore the nearby national parks. But, we didn’t have to leave to get beautiful views – they were everywhere you looked within the campground!

3. Getting away from it all

The hustle and bustle of every day life and being in the city with crowds, traffic, and noise can really wear on you. RVing can take you as far away from home as you want and give you the peace and quiet you need to recharge. You get to be in nature, which in our opinion, is the best medicine. You can get places where you don’t see another car or person for miles, and return when you get lonely.

We mentioned how much we love our family, but we also love our alone time together. Getting away and being able to just focus on each other and create our own special memories together is crucial for our relationship. RVing has been the most romantic type of travel for us. We watch more sunrises and sunsets together, can have dinner under the stars, and have our own little cozy and safe space together in the middle of nowhere.

couple camping with string lights
We loved our stay at the KOA in Moab. We had such beautiful views from our camp site that we never wanted to leave. The campground also recently re-did their pool and hot tub and we felt like we were at a resort! Such a fun getaway just the two of us!

There’s also something about camping and RVing that is much more relaxing and laid back than flying somewhere or even taking a road trip in a car. Traveling at our own pace and on our own schedule takes a lot of the stress out of traveling, too. We get full control of where we go, when we go, and how long we stay. Less stress makes us both happier, which means we treat each other kinder, get along better, and can enjoy each other’s company.

4. Traveling with the comforts of home

How many times have you gone on vacation and towards the end of the trip, you’ve said “I don’t want to leave, but I’m ready to be home!”. Home is where you feel safe, comfortable, and have your favorite items. An RV can offer the best of both worlds! You can have your cake and eat it too…or your home and travel too.

Having our own bed with us at all times and not having to pack a suit case are huge benefits for us. We love having our kitchen with us and our favorite appliances so we don’t have to eat out every meal, can save money, and have great tasting coffee right away every morning! We’re also able to bring all our adventure gear – our bikes, inflatable boat, and fishing and hiking gear, so we don’t have to waste our money renting those items.

Woman doing dishes in an RV with beautiful view of Moab Utah in kitchen window
Views of Moab right from our RV kitchen window!

Our RV quickly became our home. We added our own special touch to the space with decor, rugs, blankets, and pillows, so it’s cozy and inviting. The more memories we create it in too, the more we love it. It’s our safe space to hide out when we need a break from adventuring and it’s ours. It taught us that you can make any space feel like home when you’re with the ones you love and enjoying special moments in life together.

We also felt at home while staying at the KOA in Moab. The staff was so unbelievably kind and welcoming. They would strike up conversations with us as they were riding around the campground on their golf carts and treated us like family. The RV spots were spacious and allowed us to set up a little home base. We also loved the amenities – the pool, laundry room, gift shop, dog park, and bike repair station!

5. Doing activities you love

An RV is literally a vehicle that gets you to a place where you can do the recreational activities you love most. Whether you love biking, hiking, fishing, skiing, museums, surfing, etc., you can plan your RV travels around that activity. You can even experience your hobby in a variety of places and unique spots, making it that much more enjoyable.

We love fly fishing, hiking, and being outdoors. We’ve parked our RV in so many spots where we can walk right out our front door and immediately be hiking a trail or fishing a river. We also love breweries and tasting unique local brews so we tend to stop at as many as we can along our route. When you get to do more of what you love, you feel more alive! Like we mentioned above, we throw all our adventure gear in the RV, pick a spot that makes our favorite activities more accessible, and go!

Couple fly fishing holding up a rainbow trout in Colorado
We try to find campgrounds as close to the river as possible so we can walk out our RV and be right on the water! The KOA in Cotopaxi was perfect for this!

Is it time for YOU to get an RV?

If you’re still reading this, then you don’t dislike the 5 things we mentioned above and RVing is a perfect fit for you! Traveling in an RV, in our opinion, is the best way to travel and we can’t recommend it enough. It’s time to get yourself an RV and experience all the benefits it can offer you. Click here for our tips for buying an RV!

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Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson
4 years ago

I liked that you said that one reason to consider buying an RV is that it will help youo to get to where you want to be while having fun. I have been thinking about getting an RV but I have been worried that I wouldn’t end up using it that much. I will be sure to seriously consider this option now that I understand how beneficial an RV can be in going on vacation.

Thomas Westgren
Thomas Westgren
5 years ago

I like how you said that an RV should be a machine that helps you to have a comfortable time getting to unique spots that you enjoy. This seems like a really good point to focus on when deciding to buy an RV for sale. After all, you should use all of the tools possible to enjoy your hobbies and things like that.