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Santorini Greece Buildings

Sunshine and Views: 7 Activities for a Perfect Time in Santorini, Greece

Santorini is the largest island of a circular archipelago in the southern Aegean Sea, southeast of Greece’s mainland. It is most known for its beautiful white buildings with blue rooftops. The way these buildings are built into the side of the hill, combined with the vast views of the Mediterranean Sea make Santorini one of the most beautiful places […]

cinque terre night

A Day Trip to Cinque Terre

Our day trip Cinque Terre turned out to be better than we’d imagined. We’d dreamed of visiting Cinque Terre for years. We’d looked at hundreds of photos. We thought we knew what it would be like. Then we arrived, breathed the air, smelled the ocean and the food coming from restaurant kitchens, and heard the […]

Couples Travel Bucket List

If you’re like us, traveling to new places is always at the top of our new years resolutions. Traveling not only offers experiences that help us grow individually, but it also strengthens our marriage and deepens our connection, too. We’re always looking to add new destinations to our couples travel bucket list. However, we don’t always […]