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Product Review: Beddy’s

We love trying new products that help improve our lifestyle of simplicity and adventure. We’re minimalists and very selective about the items we purchase and the money we spend. More importantly, we enjoy sharing the products we love with our loyal followers, in hopes that these products can help simplify their lives as well!

Disclosure: Some of the products we share in our product review series are sponsored or through a partnership with the brand. They will also contain affiliate links, which means if you decide to purchase the product due to our honest review and through the link we provide, we will receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you). We will never recommend a product we haven’t tested out ourselves, love, and believe would be helpful to our readers!

The Product

The best way to describe Beddy’s is to think of it as a sleeping bag for your mattress. The entire bedding fits over your mattress like a fitted sheet and zips along the entire length of the bed. The exterior is quilted, 100% cotton so when zipped, the bedding looks like it’s tucked in. The bedding has a soft, minky material inside instead of a sheet.

The Features

The biggest selling point for Beddy’s is that it takes hardly any time at all to make your bed. You literally just zip it up using the special zipper tabs that make it easy to pull. It’s not only great for RV beds like ours, but for kids beds, and really any bed in any home. They have Beddy’s to fit beds of all sizes for the whole family and lots of cute, stylish patterns to match all types of decor! The soft interior makes it extra cozy, too! It’s easy to clean as well, since it’s just one piece. You can quickly pull the bedding off and wash it in any machine, like regular bedding.

The Review

When rating the products we try out, we take the following into account:

  • Price (we’re cheap…but Dan prefers to call us “frugal”!)
  • Value (if we do spend money, we want it to be worth it!)
  • Practicality (we’re minimalists and don’t want useless crap!)
  • Durability (we want our things to last!)

Here’s How Beddy’s Did:

5 stars rating



We’re giving Beddy’s a 5 star rating! The price is comparable to other bedding options, it’s well made and high quality, it solves a major pain point for us (read more below), and is an overall uniquely wonderful product.

What’s Great

We were skeptical at first, to be honest. It seemed weird to have a zipper and no sheets and quite frankly, we didn’t want to sleep in a sleeping bag. But it took about 1 minute to put the Beddy’s on as opposed to the 5 minutes it takes to put a fitted sheet on, a regular sheet, pillow cases, and a comforter. Then, when we crawled inside, we realized how having a sheet would never compare to the soft minky lining – it’s so cozy and warm!

While sleeping, we both like to occasionally have one leg outside the covers, which is still possible with Beddy’s. You can control the amount of blanket you have zipped or unzipped on your side of the bed. However, the one leg out move has come to an end for us because, with Beddy’s it honestly feels like you’re wrapped up in a soft cocoon! Then, when you get up in the morning, it takes about 30 seconds to zip the entire bed and have it looking nice and neat.

This was especially helpful since we have a murphy bed in our RV that we have to put up each day in order to have extra space. We love that we no longer have to tuck the bedding under the mattress super tight each morning in order to put the bed up. Having less bedding to wash is a bonus too, since we don’t have a washer and dryer in our RV! We would purchase a Beddy’s for any of future homes.

What’s Not-So Great

We’ve been sitting here really trying to think of something that could be improved with Beddy’s and we’re struggling. The one thing we think could be a downside for some people is the weight. We know many people like a lot of weight on them while they sleep and pile on layers of blankets. If you’re one of those people, you might want to add a blanket or two on top or your Beddy’s to get that pressure you prefer.

Oh wait…there is something else! We’ve been sleeping in longer the past week since we started using our Beddy’s because it’s too cozy. It’s ruined our early morning routine we had just established. Beddy’s and the snooze button go way too well together!

See it in Action!

Watch these Instagram stories to see a video of us showing off our Beddy’s to get a better idea of what it’s like: 

Where you can get one!

>>Start shopping for your Beddy’s here.<<

To our knowledge, they are only sold online at this time. When we ordered ours, they were out of stock in the pattern we wanted. But the customer service was fantastic and kept us updated on when they expected to receive another shipment, which we appreciated! So feel free to reach out to their customer service with any questions you have, and we’re confident they will respond promptly and kindly!

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5 months ago

Hello, in the picture of the two of you in bed with your feet sticking out (lol, cute!!), it seems that the “Beddy” is secured somehow down the center? Does the top portion not move freely? You know, so you can cuddle?🥰

Daniel McKenzie
4 months ago
Reply to  Barbie

Hi Barbie, thank you for the question! The top portion (the comforter and minky liner) are only secured down on the outsides with the zippers… plenty easy to cuddle still 🙂

Daniel McKenzie
4 months ago
Reply to  Barbie

Looking back at the photo, I can understand where you might of that that… but no, there just happen to be 2 zippers that are independent that go around the outsides of the bed.

Candi Mangelsdorf
Candi Mangelsdorf
1 year ago

This company’s product quality is TERRIBLE!!!! If you are thinking about ordering from this company, please don’t waste your money! I ordered 3 different Beddy’s from them the same week I ordered a bedding set from Pottery Barn. The PB set still looks brand new; however, the Beddy bedding is not usable. Holes in the fabric, zippers broken, faded fabric and pilling. I tried to notify the company but they are unresponsive and have blocked me from their FB page. They are deceptive in their marketing. I bought this product because of their reviews but they remove or don’t allow… Read more »

Daniel McKenzie
1 year ago

Hi Candi,

I am so sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience with Beddy’s – it’s the first we’ve heard of anything similar. I certainly can’t speak for your experience, all we can say is that we’ve had a really good experience with ours and it’s holding up really well. Thank you for sharing your experience, and again, sorry that your experience wasn’t a good one.

2 years ago

Love the bedding and pillow. Did you get it from the same website?

2 years ago

Seems like neat invention. ( Just checking. … Under The Product 1st sentence “sleeping back”. Thinking you meant “bag”? I could easily be out of touch with the cool kid lingo now a days. 😁 Thought I’d mention if you want to edit ). Feel free to not post this or edit it this to take out. All good. Your posts are informative. Enjoy!

3 years ago

I love the idea of the bedding. Thanks for the info!
What size did you order for your RV? We have the same unit and I would like to place an order. I look forward to your continued information.
Thanks again,