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Learn From Our Mistakes: 4 Tips for Newbie RVers

This post contains affiliate links. Before purchasing our own RV and becoming full-timers, we had zero experience whatsoever with RVing. Although we did plenty of research, there’s just some things we learned the hard way. We decided to share some of those “rookie mistakes” in hopes of helping others avoid them. We thought we had […]

grand canyon

How We Afford to Travel Full Time

Even before we started full-time RVing, we have always loved to travel. Whether it’s living in Costa Rica, going on weekend getaways, or taking yearly international “bucket list” trips, we travel as often as we can. It became clear that many people assume we’re independently wealthy, or that we’re racking up credit card debt. But, […]

Our free spot near The Great Sand Dunes National Park

What Full-Time Freedom Week Meant To Us

We are still on a high from Full-Time Freedom Week! We were so incredibly inspired by the event that we had to share our thoughts and reflections. What was Full-Time Freedom Week? In case you missed it, we collaborated with 7 other RVers to host a virtual Facebook event filled with information, resources, and fun […]