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Untamed by 4health® Dog Food Product Review

*This is a sponsored post. We received the product and compensation for providing a review. But we will never recommend a product we don’t believe in and all opinions are our own and honest.

One of the many reasons we love full-time RVing is because we get to bring our dogs along with us on our adventures. They enjoy traveling just as much as we do! It’s been a wonderful lifestyle for all of us.

We’ve been through 6 states and 8 national parks the past 8 months of RVing and our dogs have hiked, swam, and ran through open space more than ever. Our dogs get way more exercise living in a 100 square foot RV than they did when living in a 2,100 square foot house.

One struggle we have always had with our dogs is finding the right dog food. We’ve spent so much time walking up and down the dog food isles, checking labels, asking the employees for help, and still have not found our “go-to” dog food.

One of the hardest parts of choosing dog food for us has been the specific needs of our dogs. Our black lab Pepper has allergies and many types of dog foods will give her an instant yeast infection. Our other dog, Kyla is an australian shepherd and an extremely picky eater! There’s been numerous times where we will buy an expensive bag of dog food, bring it home and put it in their bowls, and Kyla will sniff it and walk away.

So when we had the opportunity to try Untamed by 4health, we were a bit weary at first. Our first concern was the ingredients.

We always check for 4 things:

  1. Is meat the first ingredient?
  2. Is the food low glycemic to avoid yeast infections?
  3. Is it grain free?
  4. Is it in our price range?

Untamed checked off all of our must-haves. It also contains a high-quality balance of carbohydrates, perfect for our active dogs who are getting a little older and need that boost of energy. The food is ultimately designed to satisfy the primal hunger of dogs (and cats too!).

Untamed also has the following benefits:

  • No Corn, No Wheat, No Soy
  • Species-specific probiotics for digestive support
  • Omega fatty acids for skin and coat
  • Antioxidants for overall good health
  • Novel proteins (read more about that here)

Okay, so it looks really good on paper, right? But picky Kyla will be the ultimate test! When it arrived in the mail, the dogs were already curious. In fact, KYLA jumped in the box and sniffed it all night. She even pawed at it, as if asking if she could try some now!! We were pleasantly surprised, but again, thought to ourselves “we’ll have to see if she eats it tomorrow!” and honestly didn’t get our hopes up.

That next morning, Kyla and Pepper followed me upstairs to the kitchen for breakfast (we were staying at Dan’s parents house at the time). Usually, our dogs are grazers. We will put their food in their bowl and they’ll get around to it when they’re really hungry. So the fact that they sat at their bowl and waited was rare (although probably partly because they knew it was different).

Watch the video below to see their reaction!

It’s now been over a week since we switched to this food and we’ve been super happy with it. The dogs still enjoy it and Pepper’s allergies have been under control. Oh, and do they have more energy, you ask? We’ll let this video of Pepper and Kyla running around at the Great Sand Dunes National Park answer that!

So I think it’s official…our search for the perfect dog food for our fur babies is over! We can give them a variety of flavors, which are lamb, trout, buffalo & lentil, and wild boar & lentil. The lamb and trout are Limited Ingredient Diets containing a narrow selection of high-quality ingredients to provide complete nutrition and are ideal for dogs with sensitivities – they minimize those issues while maximizing nutrition and energy. We can’t wait to have the dogs try them all!

Another great reason we will continue feeding our dogs Untamed is because it will be easy for us to get. We can order the food from while on the road and not have to worry about finding specialty dog food stores when we travel. Plus, we’ll get free shipping when we spend $49 (very close to the cost of the largest bag) or more on pet food, treats, toys, flea and tick care, and other select pet supplies.

If you’re interested in trying Untamed by 4health premium dog food, you can purchase it exclusively at Tractor Supply Co stores or save yourself the hassle and order it online, like us.

We’ll end with these photos of me getting showered with hugs and kisses after their first taste of Untamed. I think I won “Dog Mom of the Year”? If you want happy dogs too…give Untamed by 4Health a try!

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Our dogs are our family and we love giving them a very active and adventurous lifestyle. But it's always been a struggle to find the right kind of food to feed them. Our black lab has allergies and our australian shepherd is extremely picky. But we were so surprised by how much they loved Untamed #dogfood We love it because its grain free, has omega fatty acids, premium ingredients, and antioxidants. Feed your fur babies this pet food and they'll thank you! #petfood #furbabies #doglovers #petcare








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