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Decorating an RV for Christmas on a Budget

Living in an RV simplifies life in many ways. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the same things you did while living in a house. In fact, it helps your RV feel more like home when you continue traditions, especially during the holidays. It is so much fun decorating an RV for Christmas and just a few small touches can completely transform the small space into a winter wonderland.

I know what you’re thinking…there’s no space in an RV to store Christmas decorations all year. But don’t worry, these decorating tips I’ll share are affordable so you can easily purchase the items and not feel bad tossing them or donating them after the season is over. So don’t let that stop you from decorating your RV and getting into the Christmas spirit this year!

Here are the simple, affordable ways you can decorate an RV for Christmas:

Lights, Lights, Lights

What’s Christmas without lights? Line your windows and they’ll shine through to the outside too! We also lined our door and added lights to some garland to frame the slide out. We found super cheap lights on sale at Michaels and Ace Hardware for around $4.00. The lights make the biggest difference in our opinion!

Decorating an RV for Christmas

A mini Christmas tree

Everyone deserves to have a Christmas tree no matter how small your home is. We had zero floor space for a standing tree, but we got a small table top one that is the perfect size. While we can’t put presents under it, it still allowed us to have fun decorating it and picking out a few of our most sentimental ornaments to hang on it.

RV Christmas Tree

When it comes to Christmas trees, it’s not about the shape or size, it’s about the tradition…just ask Charlie Brown! You can find real and artificial mini trees at almost any store!

DIY pom-pom garland

Decorating an RV for Christmas

This was a fun, 10-minute little DIY craft I had so much fun making and love how it turned out. I love that it’s very simple and dainty and doesn’t make the RV feel too “overdone” or cluttered. But, it also adds just another small touch to the Christmas decor.

Whats even better is that the whole thing cost $3. The string and 2 bags of pom-poms were $1.00 each. Then I just took a needle and threaded the pom poms together! And I won’t feel bad throwing it away after Christmas! Otherwise, it takes up very little space to save for next year.

Decorating an RV for Christmas

Dollartree…you can’t beat $1.00!!

When decorating an RV for Christmas on a budget, the DollarTree is your best friend. They have cute stuff and all the craft supplies you could need for your DIY projects. In fact, check out their blog here…there are lots of super cute craft ideas using DollarTree items (even a DIY mini tree and a wreath!).

I bought 2 strands of this garland at the DollarTree and braided them together with a strand of lights. The bows at the ends of the garland also came from the DollarTree!

Decorating an RV for Christmas

I also bought these cute foam glittery snowflakes at the DollarTree. I taped the same string I used for the pom-pom garland on them and hung them from various spots around the RV. Simple, cheap, and cute! The glitter makes them twinkle at night when the lights are on.

By the way, the DollarTree is where I purchased the materials for the pom-pom garland, too. We also got these cute items there:

Decorating an RV for Christmas
A wreath!


Decorating an RV for Christmas
Bells for the door knob!

Other things you can buy (and not feel bad throwing out or getting rid of after Christmas) at the DollarTree:

  • Wreath
  • Extension cords
  • Christmas hand towels
  • Stockings

A few of your favorite things

Everyone has certain Christmas items that you just have to decorate with each year. Whether they were a special gift or an item from your childhood, you should try to find a way to ensure you can have those items in your RV for Christmas.

If you plan to be home for the holidays, have a separate box labeled “RV Christmas” full of those special items that you can easily access to decorate with. Or, have it ready for a family member to ship it to you and you can ship it back to them after Christmas. Otherwise, perhaps you can limit the items to just a very small box that doesn’t take up too much space and isn’t a hassle to carry around on your journeys.

We were lucky enough to be home for Christmas this year and had access to our favorite Christmas items. Those items include this adorable RV cookie jar that Dan’s parents gave us last year, when we were just starting to dream of full-time RVing.

Decorating an RV for Christmas

Our stockings that we got our very first Christmas together.

Decorating an RV for Christmas

And a musical snow globe that was a special gift.

RV Christmas Decoration - Snow Globe

A few extra things…

I love pillows! They truly add to the coziness. You can get throw pillow covers that you can change out throughout the seasons instead of having to store a bunch of bulky pillows. Or buy some cheap ones at a thrift store and wash them up then donate them back after Christmas!

Decorating an RV for Christmas

I also love these adorable Christmas plug-in night lights. They don’t take up any space, but add a lot of cuteness and cheer! They are perfect for the bathroom or areas where there is no wall or counter space to add any other decor. Amazon has some cute ones here.

Christmas Decoration RV nightlight

We hope this post helps give you some ideas for how you can decorate an RV for Christmas!

If you want a full tour of our decorated RV, watch the video below.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season and a blessed new year! We would also love to see YOUR photos of your decorations. Give us some ideas and inspiration for next year. Email us or leave us a comment below!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

We did this post as part of a collaboration with 14 other RV Bloggers. The series is called “Christmas in the Camper” and each day, 3 RVers will feature their RV Christmas decor and provide tips for how they did it!

So be sure to check out the other RV bloggers pages as well. There is some incredible Christmas decor in these tiny homes! Click the image below of the tiny home decor you’d like to see and you will be taken straight to their blog. We were honored to be a part of this series.

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Living in an #RV simplifies life in many ways. But, that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the same things you did while living in a house. In fact, it helps your RV feel more like #home when you continue #traditions, especially during the holidays. It is so much fun decorating an RV for #Christmas and just a few small touches can completely transform the #smallspace into a winter wonderland. #RVliving #RVdecor #fulltimeRV #TinyHome


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Simran Ahuja
Simran Ahuja
6 years ago

Wow!! Awesome tips. My brother owns an RV and I am sure he will love this blog. Right away sharing with him. Thanks, dear for such beautiful Christmas decor

6 years ago

I love that pompom garland! So simple and creative!

Daniel McKenzie
Daniel McKenzie
6 years ago
Reply to  Ashley

Thanks Ashley! Lindsay is great at doing creative things like that!

David Taylor
David Taylor
6 years ago