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Daniel McKenzie

Dan is a near Colorado native that loves to experience new places, cultures, and adventures. He considers himself a pretty laid back kind of guy and loves to enjoy a refreshing beverage on a patio.

Find Your Pura Vida in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Playa Santa Teresa is one of the best beaches in Costa Rica. It is the perfect mix of laid-back beach town and Costa Rican charm. Its developed enough to have plenty of food options and plenty of places to stay, but remote enough that the beach was not packed with tourists and people trying to sell […]

Best Place to Watch the Sunset in Quepos

Want to know the best place to watch the sunset in Quepos? Look no further than Parque Nahomi! This small park on Quepos’s southern edge offers visitors incredible views of the sea and provides a tranquil environment to enjoy the sunset. We stumbled across this park by accident when we’re living in Quepos, but now, […]

4 Unique RV Camping Experiences in the North Georgia Mountains

When you think of Georgia, you think of peaches, southern charm, civil war and civil rights history, Hotlanta, or maybe the majestic live oak trees at Wormsloe Plantation near Savanah. But do you think of lush waterfalls, sweeping mountain views, beautiful vineyards, and charming mountain towns? The southernmost portion of the Blue Ridge Mountains extend into […]

These Strategies will Help You Actually Achieve Your Goals

Goals, resolutions, dreams – whatever you want to call them, are critical for personal development and success. They are the first step to Following Your Detour! They allow us to identify something our hearts desire and start planning how we are going to attain that desire. It’s an act of believing that you CAN do […]

Alchemist quotes about courage

3 Quotes About Courage to Help You Go After Your Dreams

Do you know the most important thing needed to achieve your dreams and live your best life? It’s not money. It’s not a great idea or a killer business. It’s not finding your soul mate. It’s not even beauty or good looks, nor is it confidence or charisma. It’s COURAGE. Turns out, I’ve been wrong about […]

7 Must-See Lakes Near Banff National Park

Banff National Park is a mountain paradise (it’s great for RVers, too). In fact, the entire area surrounding Banff National Park is a mountain paradise. Three national parks (Yoho, Banff and Jasper) converge in the Banff area, providing visitors fresh air, unimaginable beauty and the chance to experience the great outdoors. During the winter months, […]