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The Best Beaches in the Algarve

Let me start by saying that every single beach that we visited in the Algarve region was absolutely stunning. We only saw a tiny handful of all the wonderful possibilities though. There are over 150 beaches in the Algarve region!

It became fun just to stop at every single beach we came across because they all offered their own gorgeous rock formations and different vibes. Every single one was stunning in its own unique way! No matter which beach is best for you, you should plan your trip to the Algarve as soon as possible!

1. Praia da Marinha

Praia da Marinha was the most incredible beach we’ve ever seen and our favorite spot in the Algarve! As you approach the staircase down the beach, before heading down, walk along the top of the cliff until you find the breathtaking views of the beach from above that are seen in our photos. We literally could have stayed in this very spot all day long. There are picnic tables nearby, and we wished we would have packed a lunch to sit and eat while enjoying the view.

Lindsay and Dan at Praia Marinha
Lindsay and Dan at Praia Marinha
marinha beach view
We absolutely loved Marinha Beach!

Benagil Sea Cave

Benagil Sea Cave

Marinha is one of the beaches from where you can access the Benagil Sea Cave or Cathedral Cave.

There are boat tours available that you can book right from the beach. They do get crowded, however, so you may have to book something several hours in the future. Dont worry though, there is a cafe on the beach that serves food and drinks as well as renting kayaks. We chose to rent a kayak and took ourselves to the Benagil Sea Cave and around the other grottos.

Benagil beach kayaks
Kayaking to the Benagil Sea Cave / Cathedral Cave

2. Praia do Camilo

Camilo Beach was one of our favorites because of its picturesque staircase down to the beach. It’s small and it can definitely get crowded, but the long wooden staircase alone makes this beach a must see.

There are no amenities (food, restroom) at this beach but it is a wonderful place to play in the water and indulge in the awesome rock formations.

camilo beach
Camilo Beach is really amazing!
The long stairs at Camilo Beach
The long stairs at Camilo Beach

3. Praia do Beliche

Beliche beach is near Cape St. Vincent. As with the others, it is a beautiful beach! What makes this beach so nice is that it is very large and feels wide open. While we were there, it was much less crowded than some of the other beaches. Also, a plus for us was the availability of food and drink at the little restaurant. We simply sat back, had a beer and enjoyed the views of the blue water!

Relaxing at Praia Beliche
Relaxing at Praia Beliche

4. Meia Praia

Meia Praia is the main beach in Lagos. Meia is a beautiful beach with a very long stretch of white, soft sand. Meia is extremely accessible with lots of parking and super convenient for those staying in Lagos.

The water is calm and you can pretty much do any beach activity that you could think of. It easy to rent chairs, umbrellas, or grab a meal right on the beach. Definitely, a beautiful beach that you could spend all day at!

Meia Praia
The main beach in Lagos

5. Praia da Dona Ana

One great thing about this beach is that you can easily catch a boat ride to Ponte de Piedade. Ponta da Piedade is shoreline formed of cliffs that have been carved into rock pillars, natural tunnels, and hidden grottos. The boat ride is 30 minutes long and will take you through all the beauty so be ready to snap lots of pictures and videos. It’s truly incredible!

Praia da Dona Ana
Praia da Dona Ana
Beautiful arch at Ponta de Piedade
Beautiful arch at Ponta da Piedade
ponta da piedade
Boat tour to Ponta da Piedade

6. Praia dos Pescadores

Fisherman’s beach (Praia dos Pescadores) is the main beach in Albufeira. The best part of this beach is the proximity to Old Town Albufeira.

It is rare that you can spend all day at the beach and then walk through a tunnel to the all of the restaurants, bars, and shops that Old Town offers. That aspect of the beach is amazing!

Fisherman's Beach, Albufeira
Fisherman’s Beach, Albufeira

7. Praia de Benagil

Benagil is also a great beach, it’s just a bit small. We enjoyed relaxing there and Dan found a little path along the cliffs to hike up and enjoy views from. A major attraction of Benagil is that you can easily access the famous Benagil Sea Cave from the beach.

As with Marinha, you can take a boat tour or rent a kayak to visit on your own schedule. The Cathedral Cave is wonderful and should not be missed if you visit Benagil or Marinha beach. Note: Parking was can be tricky because there was either street parking along a VERY steep hill or parking from a lot and having to walk up and down that same hill.

Praia Benagil
Absolutely Beautiful
Beautiful Benagil Beach
Beautiful Benagil Beach

8. Praia do Zavial

Praia do Zavial is another great beach, close to Sagres. If you’re looking for a good area to body board or maybe surf, this beach might be for you. It was SUPER windy when we went so we didn’t stay long but that made for good waves.

The beach feels secluded as it is harbored by rocks on both sides. There’s a small parking lot and a restaurant/cafe at the entrance of the beach which could be a good place to refuel after some body boarding!

Praia Zavial Praia Zavial

Pick a Beach Any Beach

The Algarve is home to some of the best beaches in Europe and is a highly desired tourist destination for people all over the world. With over 150 beaches, there is no shortage of options for any beach activity. Simply find one or several that appeal to you and head out, its that easy when you’re in the Algarve.

What are your favorite beaches in Portugal? Did we miss one of your favorites, let us know in the comments below!

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