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20+ Amazing Products Made By RVing Entrepreneurs

This time of year, everyone’s sharing their favorite gift ideas for RVers. We’ve done it, too. If you’re interested, you can read our post, 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Traveler (or RVer) in Your Life. We understand how difficult it is to get a gift for a traveler who collects experiences other things.

But this year, we decided to do something a little different. 

We want to showcase some of our favorite traveling entrepreneurs who have created a variety of amazing products. Our hope is that we can encourage our readers to support a fellow RVer’s business and therefore support their pursuit and passion for a nomadic lifestyle. 

Plus, we’re constantly amazed by the products that people are creating to make this lifestyle possible. It really inspires you to see the different and creative ways that people are making a living on the road. 

Support an RVer by browsing our list of products made by traveling entrepreneurs

We’ve broken the products into the following categories (click the category to be taken directly to it!):

Product Categories:

Physical Products (apparel, jewelry, art and other creations)

Books (including journals, planners, and guides)

Digital Products (online learning)

Disclosure: Some of the links contained below are affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase, we would receive a small commission (at no cost to you). 

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20 amazing products made by RVing entrepreneurs

Physical Products (apparel, jewelry, art, and other creations)

b.e.happe Designs

knitted scarf, beanie, and headband

We met up with Brooke and her husband Jeff and their adorable kiddos in Iowa right before they were about to hit the road full-time in their travel trailer. They are the sweetest family and seem to treat everyone they meet like family. 

Brooke hand makes the cutest hats, scarves and other apparel. I can also speak to the quality of the hat as it’s my absolute favorite winter beanie I’ve ever owned. But here’s what I love even more than Brooke’s incredible talent and eye for design…her heart. 

On the website, Brooke explains that “b.e.” are her initials and “happe” is her last name, but that her brand is so much more than that. She says it beautifully…

“It is a mind frame, lifestyle and our direction for creating an adventure of a lifetime for our family of 5. We sold everything to travel the U.S. together, simplify life and b.e.happe. We give back to local children’s hospitals as we travel, purchasing wish list items from a portion of the proceeds”. 

If that doesn’t make you want to support her, I don’t know what will! You can read more about the story behind why she started her business and can browse her collection of adult, youth, and even baby designs at

Drift Jewelry

drift jewelry

If you’re an RVer, you most likely know Mandy from her and her husband’s Instagram account @188sqft where they share photos of their gorgeous RV remodel and adorable snuggly pets. They quickly became my favorite RV couple when we hit the road because their photos are beautiful and they make RV life look so dang good! We finally got to meet Kevin and Mandy last year and they are just as genuine and laid-back in person as they seem on social media. 

You can tell that creativity just oozes out of Mandy, so when she started making handmade jewelry, it made perfect sense. Her jewelry is as stunning as she is and each piece is made with so much passion and purpose. She’s clearly doing what she was is meant to do on this earth and it’s inspiring. 

She has a “Lost Collection” and a “Found Collection” (so clever!). The lost collection is made with a technique called “Lost Wax Casting”, where she carves something out of a hard wax, sends it to a a casting house to cast the items into metals so she can solder them into rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Her “Found Collection” is made from items she finds on the road along her travels. Shells, leaves, bones…you name it! These treasure are then made into silver or bronze and then turned into jewelry.

Mandy also recently launched her Autumn Gypsy Collection, which is inspired by the change of seasons and includes some of her favorite crystals. You can’t find anything more unique and one-of-a-kind than Mandy’s jewelry. Check it out on her website


camping gear for kids

We can’t forget about the little campers in this post! Our friend Christina creates precious t-shirts for baby nomads and travelers! And even a few things for adults, too. 

We met Christina in the nomadic couples community we created and every time I chat with her, I think to myself “this girl is a hard worker!” Along with her Etsy shop, she has a blog where she shares lots of helpful RV life tips and lessons. And, spoiler alert, she’s working on a travel guide book! 

Seeing the “Working to Wander” laptop sleeve totally matches Christina. She’s willing to put in the effort it takes to sustain a life on the road and it’s so admirable to see the risks she takes to make it happen. You gotta love a go-getter!

The sayings on the onesies and tiny tees she designs are so clever and we can’t wait to have a baby to put them on! If you’re looking for cute apparel for the camping kiddos in your life, look no further and browse her Etsy store today!

Getaway Couple

getaway couple rv gear

If you looked through Christina’s Etsy shop above and wished you could find camping apparel with clever phrases in YOUR size, you’re in luck!

We met Rae and Jason at a brewery while they were passing through Colorado and felt like besties by the end of the night. Such a fun, sweet couple with serious dedication to build their RV brand. Not only do they have a super popular and successful YouTube channel, but they started selling camping apparel and I can guarantee you will want every single thing that they sell. Yes, it’s that good!

You’ll find a shirt and hat for the whole family! This couple pumps out super helpful RV content for FREE on their blog and videos, so show your appreciation and support for them by shopping their store at

Shanae McDevitt Art

shanae mcdevttt art

Shanae is one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever met. She’ll inspire you and make you laugh within minutes of a conversation. Her and her husband Mark are one of our favorite couples that we’ve met on the road. They’re so down to earth, hilarious, and fun! But, her artwork is no joke! It showcases her passion for nature and life. 

She often posts videos of her painting on Instagram and my jaw always drops in amazement! She is so insanely talented and I would decorate an entire house with her paintings if I could. I love that Shanae combines her God given talent with her wanderlust. 

You can ooh and aah over her paintings and order one for your home, whether it’s on wheels or not, through her website, Her “Mountains Are Calling” collection is breathtaking and she’ll even create a custom piece for you if you contact her!

Southern Sewn Designs

southern sewn

I hardly know where to begin with Michele because she’s so lovable. She spreads so much joy everywhere she goes and will always greet you with the warmest smile and hug. The “southern” in her brand’s name speaks to the sweet hospitality that embodies her!

You can just tell that her personalized blankets are stitched with so much love. And they aren’t just for kids and babies, she made some for our two dogs! These blankets are super soft with their minky lining and she has tons of different patterns and colors to chose from.

I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Michele about her business and her heart for finding ways to use her blankets to give back. She’s so humble and has touched so many families with her cozy creations. So grab a blanket and it’ll warm your heart and hers! Her Etsy shop link is:

TRIPPED Travel Gear


We’ve never met Tim and Fin, we just admire them from afar :). They seem like an awesome travel couple and we’ve loved following their adventures the past year. From full-time RVing to living in Mexico, frequent trips to Southeast Asia and Europe, to being “ski bums” in Keystone, Colorado for the winter, they know a thing or two about adventures of all types. 

We love that through a variety of ways, they’ve built a nomadic lifestyle that is sustainable, while inspiring others along the way through their blog and YouTube channel! The inspiration for TRIPPED travel gear comes from their extensive experience with “living out of backpacks”, so you know it’s gotta be good!

The gear is truly designed by travelers for travelers and is durable, but affordable. Win win! They have two different products, both intended to make packing and traveling easier. Their compression cubes come in a variety of sizes and help you sort, store, and compress your luggage to ensure that it can fit in the overhead bin. No more paying extra for baggage fees!

They also designed the ultimate travel backpack that’s great for both long term travel or short day trips. The backpack folds up into it’s own carrying pouch, is water resistant, comfortable, lightweight, and super tough. It has tons of storage with pockets for keys, wallets, passports, tripods, water bottles, and even a microfiber top pocket to protect your sunglasses! 

I was shocked at the prices of these travel essentials. The backpack is only $19.95 and the compression cubes range from $13.95 – $39.95 depending on the size! You can buy them on Amazon or at

Seek More Wilderness

Isak and Maria recently completed their van build out and now live full-time on the road. To support their adventures and to give back to the lands that bring them so much pleasure, they’ve started Seek More Wilderness.

Seek More Wilderness is an outdoor gear and goods company that is committed to making a difference. 50% of their sales are donated to non-profit organizations dedicated to protecting America’s public lands and wild spaces. They help outdoor enthusiasts that love exploring the wild give back to the places they adventure.

Not only do they have some really cool products, they provide a way for people that love the outdoors to help protect the places they love. Join the movement to help ensure that we always have wild places to explore!

Books (including planners, journals, and guides)

Positively Delighted Products

positively delighted

Everyone needs a Kelsey in your life and just a peek at her website will put you in a better mood. She grew up on the road and is an incredible human because of it. She’s multi-talented – a published author, a singer/songwriter, and certified Laughter Yoga leader (yes, that’s a thing!). But more than anything, she’s a girl with big dreams, a big personality, and a big heart!

Books, music, and printables…oh my! Kelsey has a variety of products available for sale, so there’s something for everyone. First, in her book, Growing up Roadschooledshe shares her RV life adventures from ages 11-17, her perspective of the lifestyle, and her experience transitioning into the “real world” (getting into college and starting a career). It’s a heart-warming story of personal growth packed with humor, positivity, and lessons learned

Kelsey also released a coloring book! A Positively Delighted Coloring Book: Color Your Way to Happiness in 30 Days includes 30 designs to help you create a positive mindset and increase your happiness habits. Adult coloring books are all the rage these days and this one is worth 24,000 positive thoughts…who doesn’t need that?

I’m certain you’ll fall in love with Kelsey just as I have! Check out her entire collection of products on her website, She has an Etsy store full of printables and music that’s just as delightful as she is!

Streets Wander RV Planners

We interviewed Luann and Bryan of Where the Streets Wander for Full-Time Freedom Week and they left a huge impression on us! They prove that it’s never too late to learn a new skill and start a new business venture and that hard work really pays off. They’ve put so much dedication into helping others design their RV lifestyle. We had the pleasure of meeting them in person just recently and they are such nice people who genuinely want to guide others along their RV journeys. 

I love their RV planners because it helps unorganized people like me keep track of all the ins and outs of the lifestyle without going crazy. They have two planners: The Complete RV Travel Planner and The RoadMap to RV Living Planner. They’ve poured their experience and lessons learned into these planners to make them as comprehensive as possible.

The RoadMap to RV Living Planner will take you through the transition to full-time RV living in a year or less! It consists of undated monthly calendars, weekly pages to organize your current life while in the transition phase, application pages, and monthly action steps to take you from dreaming to full-time RVing! 

The Complete RV Travel Planner will help you “dream up your buckets lists, record your campground reservations, organize your destination activities and simplify your RV life all in one convenient place!” The planner also has an app that serves as the digital companion to help you still keep campground records when you don’t have your planner handy and also allows you to access maps and navigation to your campgrounds!

No matter where you’re at in your RV journey, the Streets can help! Even if you aren’t much of a planner, you’ll quickly realize the need to be organized with this non-routine lifestyle that can quickly feel out of control if you don’t get a grasp of it. Grab a planner and save your sanity here:

Kairos Journal

kairos journal

Back when we first started RVing, I received an email from a stranger who came across our blog and was inspired by our story and RV journey. She was considering the lifestyle herself and had lots of questions and we exchanged emails and messages over social media for several months. Well, that stranger got married shortly after our messages, hit the road with her new hubby and their online business and found her way to Colorado to meet up with us!

We instantly became friends with Pete and Jordan and even caravanned to Canada together! I truly believe we were meant to cross paths and am thankful for their friendship. Not only are they so supportive of us, but we admire them as entrepreneurs, and we love what amazing hearts they have for serving the Lord through their business.

Pete recently embarked on a new venture and created a journal aimed at helping you deepen your walk and relationship with God. The 90-day Kairos journal has a simple goal: help you filter out the noise so you can build a stronger prayer life, hear God’s voice more clearly, and draw closer to him on a daily basis. Until December 6th, 2019, the journal is currently available on KickStarter. After that, check out the Daily Kairos website to get your own copy!

Books about RVing by Jerry Minchey

We met Jerry at Full Time Freedom Week’s live event, and it was an incredible pleasure. Jerry has been living in an RV and traveling the country for many years and turned his passion into a thriving business as an author.

He has published well over 10 books filled with information about all things RVing. From budget friendly travel recommendations to RVing on Social Security, Jerry’s incredible knowledge and relatable writing style make these books good for anyone interested in the RV lifestyle.

While we love Jerry’s books, we really love Jerry! He’s one of the kindest, most endearing, and inspiring people we’ve had the pleasure of meeting on the road. He reminds us that you can truly do anything that you set your mind to (and at any time of your life!). Jerry claims that he never got better than a C in English, but that didn’t stop him from writing and creating an income source that allows him to live the lifestyle that he wants! You can browse the full collection of his books on Amazon.

Craft Beer Adventure Journal

One of our favorite parts of RVing is the opportunity to try different breweries all around the country. We’ve always felt like it’s one of the best ways to get the “feeling” of the local community. In our opinion, craft beer and RVing/traveling go together like peanut butter and jelly.

So, it’s no surprise that we are huge fans of Ken and April Pishna of Living a Stout Life. Not only do they have a similar passion for living life to the fullest like we do, but they’re just really cool, too. We’ve gotten to hang out with them on a couple occasions and always have a good time and good conversations, and it’s not just because we’re typically a little buzzed on good beer (ha!). 

They recently created a product that I wish we’d have had from the beginning of our travels, the Craft Beer Adventure Journal. It’s perfect for the beer lover in your life as it provides a place to document your experiences as you visit different breweries across the country. The Craft Beer Adventure Journal gives you a space to record the beer you drink, the breweries you visit, the food you eat, the people you meet, and the adventures you have. You can get it on Amazon! Cheers!

501 Questions: A Travel Game

We spend A LOT of time on the road and there’s only so many audio books and podcasts you can listen to. If you’re anything like me, it can be hard to stay awake as the passenger. And after several hours, you can run out of things to talk about with your spouse or adventure buddy! 

We were so glad our friend Lindsey from Nuventure Travels wrote this book. It’s seriously something we’ve always talked about wanting. Plus, it’s even more fun to play with friends over a beer, on a hike, or around the campfire! It’s a great way to learn new things about people and almost guaranteed to lead to some good laughs. 

Lindsey herself loves having meaningful talks with people and connecting with others in a deeper way. The very first time we hung out with her and her husband Adam, she made the night extra fun with her random “would you rather” questions and travel trivia. We love that this book is a reflection of her contagious personality. 

Take 501 Questions: A Travel Game on your next adventure to spark fun new conversations on your road trip or around the campfire. It’s so much better than scrolling on your cell phone or playing games on your iPad. You can get the eBook or paperback version on Amazon!

RV Decor Books by RV Inspiration

Do yourself a favor and go peek at Ashley Mann’s website, If it doesn’t convince you to buy a used RV and remodel it, I’d be shocked! The ideas she offers on her site are unbelievably helpful for transforming an RV into a cozy little home. She’s got THE BEST information online for making your RV livable in every way. We know because we did our own remodeling projects in our first RV

Ashley is also a former teacher so you know shes organized, thorough, and her content is both pretty and educational! Her books are a must for anyone considering or currently living in an RV. They’ll help you discover the storage potential of your tiny home on wheels and decorate it to look like all those amazing RVs you see on Instagram and Pinterest. 

Her book, Create Space from Thin Air is a 36-page e-book in PDF format that will be emailed to you instantly. It includes 75+ color photos and over 60 ideas for storing and organizing! Plus ideas for utilizing empty space, modifying furniture to add extra storage, and making use of vertical space. 

Her next book, Farmhouse Inspirations: A Collection of Rustic DIY Projects is a collection of DIY projects contributed by bloggers who specialize in farmhouse style decor. Each project was chosen with RVers in mind so they are space conscious and only require basic tools and supplies. They’re also illustrated with color photos and step-by-step instructions. A few of the projects can even help you maximize and organize your RVs space. 

Get your copies and check out Ashley’s other 16-page guide, The Ultimate Guide to Painting Your RV Interioron Gumroad

The Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip Book by Go Pet Friendly

go pet friendly

We get asked all the time what it’s like traveling in an RV with our two dogs. We always point people to our favorite resource, Every pet parent, traveling in an RV or not, needs this book for the best bucket list experiences to go on with your dog! 

The founder, Amy, has been RVing with her husband and dogs for 10 years now and has the biggest collection of pet-friendly adventures out there. Every time we run into them on the road, she shares a new pet product with us and her wealth of knowledge for caring for pups on the road and fun places to take them. Plus her cute, friendly personality and joy for outdoor adventures is so dog-like, it’s adorable!

The Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip: A Guide to the #1 Pet Friendly Attraction in 48 States & Washington D.C. is packed full of practical tips and advice, 200+ breathtaking photos, and suggested itineraries for planning trips to the top 49 pet friendly attractions in the United States. Your furry family members will thank you for this one and you can get your copy on Amazon

Full-Time RV Finance by Sean & Julie Chickery

full time rv finance

Through their blog, book, and seminars, Julie and Sean Chickery have helped thousands of people achieve their dream of full-time RVing. Finances can be the scariest part of hitting the road and the Chickery’s provide practical information as well as actionable steps to help you with budgeting your full-time RV lifestyle, earning an income on the road, and saving money along the way.

If you’re unsure of whether or not you can financially afford to full-time RV, you need their book, Full-Time RV Finance. Julie and Sean have been living and working on the road for over 5 years now and have paid off all their debt through the strategies they teach. They’re professional educators, retired military, and have the biggest hearts for helping others hit the road!

A Beginner’s Guide to Living in an RV by Alyssa Padgett

guide to living in an rv

Alyssa and her husband Heath were a big inspiration to us when we we first hit the road. Seeing that another young couple, not retired, were doing it and loving it was hugely important in helping us make the decision to go for it. 

Not only do they have a crazy popular podcast and annual summit called The RV Entrepreneur, they also have a helpful blog and entertaining YouTube channel. Their passion is encouraging people to find ways to make money and RV and they’re darn good at it. 

Alyssa wrote a book after they had been living on the road for several years and it’s been an amazing guide for so many newbie RVers. Considering it’s packed full of all the things she wish she knew before full-time RVing across America, I’d recommend reading it way before you launch the lifestyle to avoid the lessons that many RVers learn the hard way. Get her book on Amazon and you can thank me later!

Follow Your Detour by Lindsay McKenzie

Okay, I had to sneak my own book in, of course! I couldn’t help it! But only because I’ve seen how many people it has helped in some small way, that I feel compelled to continue to spread my story. 

Follow Your Detour, is an uplifting and engaging book that will help you see the opportunity that can be found in life’s “detours” – the unexpected (and sometimes painful) situations we find ourselves in when life doesn’t go the way we’d planned. In the book, I share the pain I experienced through the loss of a loved one, the loss of my greatest dream, and consequently, the loss of my identity.

But choosing to follow my detour led me on a life changing adventure and in sharing my unique detour, I hope to inspire you to follow your own. I share the mindset that will give you the patience and persistence to keep moving forward, despite not having all the answers or a map with clear directions. You can purchase the eBook, paperback, or even a signed copy at

Digital Products (online learning)

Fix It Yourself: An RV Maintenance Course

Liz from The Virtual Campground will be the first to tell you that RVing is not all rainbows and butterflies. She shares so many hilarious stories on her blog that showcase the not-so-glamorous side of RVing. She’s a hoot and one of my favorite RV friends because she keeps it real, and we all need that in today’s world. 

Every RVer can appreciate what her and her husband Ed, a certified RV technician, created…an RV maintenance course designed to teach you how to fix your RV’s systems completely on your own! No matter how handy you are, this course will give you the confidence to properly maintain your rig. 

Sign up for the course today and save yourself some money in repair costs, while also saving your sanity by avoiding the hassle of dealing with service centers. Enroll in Fix It Yourself and get instant access to the 7 video modules. 

Remote Work 101

If you’re reading through all these incredible ways that RVers are making an income on the road and you’re wondering how you could do it too, then this program is absolutely for you! Camille Attell spent twenty years as a corporate trainer helping people land jobs, develop their skills, and get promoted. She also has a master’s degree in counseling psychology and experience coaching people on how to find confidence in and maximize their skills and talents. 

She first designed a self-paced online training called Remote Work 101, and had so much success with it that she began offering coaching as well. I’ve worked closely with Camille on a variety of projects and she has a serious superpower for helping others find the skills and potential in themselves that they can’t always see on their own. 

You can sign up for Remote Work 101 today, but her coaching spots are limited and not always available. She also has a lot of great remote work tips and resources on her blog, More Than a Wheelin

Money Mastery Class

Typically, money is the biggest obstacle to traveling or pursuing a lifestyle of your dreams. Surprisingly, for many folks, making money isn’t the problem, rather smartly managing their money is. That is where Nick and Hanna True from Mapped out Money come in.

They want to teach and help you build a great foundation so that you can use money as a tool to live your unique adventure, rather than an excuse or a reason to stop you. Nick and Hanna have been traveling in their Airstream since 2017 and share their passion for teaching personal finance in a variety of ways.

In addition to a great Youtube channel and their blog, Nick and Hanna offer a group class to help you become a Money Master. In this 5 week interactive class, you’ll transform into someone with the knowledge to successfully set and keep a budget, all while allowing you to pursue your unique adventure. Currently, enrollment for the class is closed, but you can sign up here to be informed the next time that it opens!

1-on-1 Photography Coaching

Ask anyone that has ever met Joe Hendricks and I’m positive they will tell you that he is one of their favorite people. Ask them about his photography and they’re sure to tell you it’s as amazing as he is!

We met Joe several years back at the first RV Entreprenuer Summit in 2017, two days after we bought our first RV. We hadn’t even spent a night in it yet and we were definitely wondering if we were crazy or not! Luckily for us, Joe kicked of the event as the first speaker and within minutes, we knew that we’d made the right choice. Joe lived full-time in an RV in his Airstream for a couple of years with his wife and son (and for his mother-in-law for a bit), which gave him the chance to take incredible photos. He showed his work and spoke with exuberant passion and we we’re hooked on the lifestyle.

Joe now lives in Colorado and continues snapping and selling his beautiful photos. But, lucky for those of us interested in photography, Joe also offers the chance to learn directly from him through 1-on-1 virtual coaching sessions. These sessions are the perfect chance to get personalized coaching and critiques of your work, which is so valuable for aspiring photographers! Joe is so fun and has so much personality that the coaching session feels like hanging with a friend, only better! Click here to book an appointment.

Learn to Code with WP Rockstar

A great skill to have for location independence is the ability to create and manage websites. For those that truly understand the backend and know how to write code, the sky is the limit when it comes to finding online work. Most of us, however, don’t consider ourselves “techie” or don’t already know how to code. But, with the right instruction from the right teacher and a supportive community, you can absolutely do it.

That’s the message from WP Rockstar and GeekPack Community founder (and former full-time RVer) Julie Taylor. She is a former intelligence officer and a self-taught developer that decided to create a training course and community for others (especially women) after spending years her skills and growing her client portfolio. She had to learn it all and face all of the struggles and growing pains on her own; but she did it and built a successful business.

Julia has seen the money making and freedom building potential of her skills first hand. Now she wants to help others experience the same, but without the painful and time consuming learning curve. She’s helped over 200 people become WP Rockstars and wants to help you, too. If you’re someone that wants to build beautiful websites and get paid to do so, check out Julia and WP Rockstars.

I hope this post inspires you to support an RVer who is chasing their dream of entrepreneurship. I also hope it inspires you to go after your passions, too! 

Did we miss something? 

We’d love to feature as many RVing entrepreneurs and their products as possible! Share anyone we missed in the comments below! 

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